Army Flight Logbook
Keeping track of flight hours just got easier!

Pilot Information

Pilot Information -
Pilot information is where all where you can edit all your attributes aircraft and simulator minimums. This is also where you let the Army Flight Logbook know when your semiannual period starts. This helps the Flight Logbook calculate when you have met your minimums.

Flight Logbook

The Logbook is broken up into 4 main sections. This allows you to view your flights in an easy organized way and informed on your semiannual requirements and currency. Sure beats keeping a paper logbook.
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Adding Remarks

Every time you add your flight you have the opportunity to add remarks that you would like to save about your flight. If you see a "YES" in the remarks column simply click that row and you will see your remarks displayed in the Remarks Box.

Viewing Flights

You can choose to view your entire logbook, filter by date, or choose to view all flights in your given semiannual period.

Check Boxes

For added simplicity to track what you did.

Adding Flights or Simulator Periods

Simple drop down menu to add flights and add specific details about your flight.
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Adding/Editing Flights

You can add or edit a flight with a simple click of the mouse. You can add flights all on one flight strip.

Check Boxes

For added simplicity to track what you did.

Semi Annual Snapshot

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When ATP Requirements are met they show in green.

Visually see when you meet your ATP requirements.
This is your semi annual snapshot that shows you how many hours you have left based on each category. It breaks it down for Simulator and Aircraft. This should help you focus on the hours you need to log in order to met your ATP requirements.

Airframe Career Totals

Break down on the total of hours you have flown based on airframe.

Primary Aircraft

This is your totals based on airframe - This snapshot that shows you how many hours you have flown in the aircraft and the simulator. You'll also check your currency for aircraft and NVD's.

Career Summary

Do you need to review your total time? No problem the bottom left Career Summary has you covered. You can break it down by Airframe - Model - Duty Position (PI-PC-IP..etc) - Mode (Day-Night-NVG-WX..etc)
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Main Menu

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Flight Summary

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Adding Flight

Add App Icon to Home Screen

For easy access you can drop a App Icon of the Flight Logbook on your home screen.
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iPhone, iPad, & Android Ready

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