Army Flight Logbook
Keeping track of flight hours just got easier!

Company Admin Overview

New Feature Company Admin: This feature is great for those units that would like to be in charge of their own system without passing the cost of the flight logbook on to the individual aviator. For example a flight company of 10 wouldn’t need to make their pilots pay for access - instead the company would get 10 empty slots at a discounted rate. With the freedom to add, update, remove...etc from aviators in their ATP.

A Video Over View of Company Admin Feature

Mission Summary

A requested feature was to track the mission set so you know how many hours you have are considered Training, Combat, Test Flights...etc


Download/Printable Company Reports

Well we just pushed out an update the Army Flight Logbook that now allows you to print or download the Company Glideslope. This is great for those wanting to make the flight schedule and would like a hard copy of who needs to fly in order to meet their minimums.

Glide Slope reporting from

As you can see the Aviators will display in Red if they need special attention. The remarks will display when is the last time that they have logged a flight. This is helpful if you’re a flight scheduler and you know you put a person on the schedule that flew and the logbook isn’t reflecting that the aviator flew.