Army Flight Logbook
Keeping track of flight hours just got easier!

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Are you looking for a Desktop Version?

Desktop version is for the individual looking to keep track of hours on their individual computer with out having their data stored online. Great solution for those looking for a one time payment for a great program.
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We are here to Help You Keep Track of Your Hours, Minimums, and Currency.

Losing your logbook would be pretty devastating. Not so bad if you only have 30 hours and you can grab them all maybe from a DA Form 759 or a -12 printout... So where would you even start to get all that back? It would be a nightmare!

Sure you can make scans of all your pages, or take a photo of each one... With a digital logbook, it’s as simple as opening an app on your smartphone and taking 1 minute to input the flight and you're done. Your flight will be saved until you decide to update it. The Army Flight Logbook takes your flight data and presents it to you in a clean format and provides you with valuable information concerning your currency and aircraft minimums that you need to obtain to stay an Army Aviator.

Online logbooks have the benefit of storing your data at an external server, which means you can access it from any device. So if one of those devices accidentally gets submerged in water or your computer crashes, none of your flight hours were lost since nothing was saved physically on your device. All is saved in the logbook cloud. This digital logbook program is more than an excel spreadsheet.

No Apps to Download - Zero Data Stored on Computer or Mobile Device - Cloud Database Daily Backup

Only $25 per year to keep track of your hours

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  • Created by Army Aviators for Aviators.
  • A great way to make sure that CAFRS is up to date.
  • Track Minimums and Currency Requirements
  • Add Flights and Simulator times
  • Tools for Platoon Leaders and SP/IP's to track company flight hour program.
  • Safe & Secure
  • Affordable

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Company Level Reporting

Know who needs to fly for currency requirements or semiannual purposes.

Always know your total hours

With a click of a button you can see how easy it is to keep track of your entire logbook. With hours being broken down by Seat, Mode, and Duty Position!

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NVS & Simulator NVS Logic

For AH64 pilots the logbook understands the difference between simulator and aircraft flight. The whole 1 hour of flight in the aircraft and being able to reset in the simulator.

Packed with Features

We tried to think of everything that a Pilot would need in order to track their hours.
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