Army Flight Logbook
Keeping track of flight hours just got easier!

The Army Flight Logbook can act as a company tracker. Instead of having individuals pay for their own logbook you can purchase however many slots you require. So if you purchase 20 logbook slots you will be able to add/remove the aviators in your ATP. When they PCS that will free up a slot once you remove them. The removed aviator can then choose to continue with an individual service if they would like. None of their hours would be deleted their account is simply locked.
  • Fast Easy SetupContact us and in less than 24 hours you will be up and running.
  • You control who's in your ATPOnce payment is complete check your email to get your password.
  • Company ReportsCompany Reports designed to assist you in making the Flight Schedule
  • Designed by Apache PilotsSo you know it has to be good.
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Subscription Prices

  • 35 Aviators $100/Yr
  • +10 Aviators only adds $20/Yr
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Flight Logbook Demo

Click the button below and visit demo site.

You'll be asked for a username and password (please see below). You are free to create, delete, view reports on the flight logbook.

Username: DEMO
Password: 12345